Michael Tait, CEO Mentor and Mentor for Chief Executives

Experienced mentor for Chief Executives and Directors of privately held companies

Michael Tait can provide mentoring support to you and your fellow directors

Being a business leader can be challenging, stressful and often very lonely. As Chief Executive you have the responsibility for leading your people, creating a positive and fulfilling working environment and delivering the results you promised in your business plan.

It’s perfectly normal to wonder if you are doing the right things, have the right strategy and are making the best tactical decisions. You may also worry about your management style and whether you are having the effect you hoped for. Often there can be political undercurrents to worry about too.  Managing external investors is also a minefield for those leading the company.

CEO mentoring and coaching. Mike Tait, mentor, mentoring, board mentoring, director mentoring, CEI mentoring, chief executive mentoring
CEO mentoring and coaching. Mentor, michael tait, mike tait, mentoring, board mentoring, director mentoring, CEI mentoring, chief executive mentoring

You won’t be alone in wishing you had someone of considerable experience to turn to for counsel – someone you can trust to give you valuable insight and ongoing practical help on a whole range of business disciplines and to be completely sensitive with your thoughts and struggles. Sadly, it’s not always safe to share your worries with those around you.

CEO mentoring is about helping with all these things and more – not in the form of textbook tuition but by counselling on real practical business issues, situations and anxieties.

Mike Tait has many years’ experience in mentoring CEO’s and other board members. During the many years as a CEO, Mike has been a dedicated mentor to his directors, colleagues and his staff at all levels.

Strong corporate background as well as mid-range companies

CEO mentoring and coaching. Mentor, mentoring, board mentoring, michael tait, mike tait, director mentoring, CEI mentoring, chief executive mentoring

Corporate background

  • Unisys Corporation
  • Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Tesco
  • RHM Foods
  • Argos
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Pye/Philips Industries

Experienced mentor

  • 25 years as CEO and Chairman
  • 23 years managing investors
  • Success in building businesses
  • Numerous company turnarounds
  • 25 years in leading, building and reorganising international corporate subsidiaries, sales, marketing and operations
  • Many years’ experience of setting up and running businesses in all the 14 major Western European countries, Eastern Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Africa

UK and European Subsidiaries

Michael Tait has considerable experience of opening, building and running subsidiary businesses across Europe and has many years’ experience of bringing overseas ventures and products into all the major European countries.

If you are planning to open a European subsidiary or sales and support unit headquartered in the UK, Michael Tait is well positioned to provide your subsidiary management team with mentoring support. Mike can also help existing subsidiaries who are suffering performance issues.

Working as a mentor or local chairman, Michael Tait can be your man on the ground keeping a close eye on things and providing strong support to management in the execution of their programmes.

Contact Michael Tait now for a confidential discussion on +44 7831 105345 or mike.tait@btinternet.com

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Contact Mike directly to learn more about how he can provide mentoring support to you and your fellow directors.